What is the Prime Grind System?

The Prime Grind System is a mechanical and chemical treatment for concrete and terrazzo floors that reduces regular maintenance costs by half that of traditional floor coatings or coverings.

Is it expensive?

In some instances, the initial treatment is more expensive than coatings or sealers, but in the long term, maintenance costs are drastically less over the life of the floor and it never requires recoating.

How long does Prime Grind last?

With proper maintenance, a Prime Grind floor will last in excess of 10 years.

Why does it last so long?

The Prime Grind System uses machinery and diamond abrasives to hone the concrete terrazzo to a smooth surface. Then, a proprietary mixture of chemicals are used to fuse and strengthen the wear surfaces of the floor. This process increases the abrasive resistance and slip resistance without sacrificing clean ability or appearance.

What about color choices?

Colored dye may be used to achieve a color design scheme, if desired.

Are there cure or wait times in which the area must be closed or out of service?

The only time an area is unusable is during the procedure. Once completed, it can be opened to full traffic and/or use.

Is it too technical of a procedure for my "in-house" maintenance staff to perform, or can we train our own labor?

Hertron International and Substrate Technology Inc provide on-site training so your cleaning/janitorial staff can perform this work properly and safely

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